Mission: ”a safer life in everyday adventures”.

Our vision is to create security and safety in people´s everyday lives. Protection of people, property and environment from fire is a very important issue. It is about prevent from or limiting the spread of fire, heat and toxic fire gases. Equally important are innovative choices of ground-breaking materials and production technology. Our performance is about sustainability, decarbonisation, environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Composite Technologies Sweden AB is our trade name and the basis for our development work.
Our trademark is the completely non-combustible and heat-insulating ExpanCore®NC.

We introduce a lightweight, construction material (substrate) with a unique combination of properties.
Most important: It is free from organic content, ie absolutely non-combustible. Our blend of raw materials is non-toxic during manufacture, use and recycling. The only thing emitted during the process is water.

Our products can easily, through interaction with the designers and end users, create solutions that have a very positive impact on several levels:

✓contribute to increased security and safety (human)
✓provide increased impact for public transport (climate, environment)
✓reduce the consequencies of fires (economic, environmental)
✓contribute to lighter and thinner constructions (increased load volume, less energy consumption, better acceleration/redardation)

Vision: ”to be a leading global player within the non-combustible, lightweight construction area”

Our products don´t burn, but stops fire, fire gas and heat and protects people and property. Thus, we can introduce a product portfolio that seriously challenge these state of art solutions: Silica instead of carbon, non-combustible instead of ”nearly-non-combustible” or ”fire resistant”, climate/environmentally smart = no polymers, no fossil material.”

In the key industries and companies we are aiming for, there is a markedly increasing couriosity and interest in the product properties we present. The emergence of new and sharpened requirements for future transport solutions in the transport sector means a stable growth potential for us. There is a strong focus on trains when it comes to future global infrastructure. Here the requirements for fire safety are high and further emphazided as traffic becomes faster and denser. Traffic in tunnels, on bridges, in densely populated areas and large railway stations means greater protection needs.

We have many years of experience in that market, based on production of large volumes of patented phenolic or melamine products. Several companies have used our technology (or thermoplastic-based alternatives) and are still very successful. Our new product has better performance. Awareness of the increasing demands will therefore strengthens our positition and competitiveness.

Our approach is also appropriate in terms of ship building.

The challenges of the energy sector provide new opportunitiesClimate change leads to a rapidly growing electrification of our societies. An important component of this is storage of energy in Li-ion batteries. These occur in large numbers on growing scale, in all parts of our everyday lives. The risks involved in production, handling, charging, use and recycling of these high-performing batteries depends above all on the toxic ”fire gases” (HF, HCN, CO) and high temperature released during thermal runaway, due to defects in battery cells/batteries.

Some examples of challenges:
-Burning electric cars: Can self ignite, infect other cars, cause fires ..
-Parking/ charging of cars in or adjacent to buildings
-Handling of damaged batteries/cars

ExpanCore®NC has important characteristics that can contribute to significantly increased security in this area:
-Thermal insulation for protection of people, installations, environment etc
-Containment and controlled management (cooling and detoxification) of the gas flow

Our strong market position is based on the core material´s verified fire safety properties: Our products are approved for installation in trains, ships and buildings. Our main market areas are train and ship interior components and systems. This includes panels, air/cable ducts, ceilings, floors and furniture.

Two examples:
Non-combustible, lightweight train flooring
We have received several inquiries from established train builders regarding floor material. This market segment is very large. The requirements for non-combustibility have been tightened and current solutions are seen as dubious. We see good opportunities to, together with suitable partners, present effective solutions. The basic concept is our substrate ExpanCore®NC with steel as surface layer. Our solutions protects the cabin and passengers from fire/heat generation from burning installations under the floor – a very important property.

Rail vehicles
General picture:
-The non-combustibility of the substrate enables acceptable fire safety when choosing different surface layers
-Reduces noise and attenuates sound transmission
-Soft or hard, decorative surface
-No rot or corrosion, no emission at any stage
-100 % possible to recycle, reuse and deposit
-Complete solutions with uniform level of security for walls, ceilings, furniture, ducts
-Provides weight and volume reduction
-Easy to shape (3D), process and can be given forms that enable a smooth an elegant adaption to other interiors

Fire protection in buildings is an obvious potential market for our solutions. Protection of load-bearing construction element, electrical/communication cables and elevator shafts are important areas.

Safety measures regarding Li-ion Batteries is an area where we see great opportunities to meet important but so far incompletely managed challenges. This concerns both protective barriers inside the batteries as well as external safety systems.

Two examples:
Risks around electric car batteries
We are developing a system to handle thermal runaway and its consequences. Here we have a patent (Patent SE2151429A1, Sweden)

Cargo ships – transport of electric cars
Managing these risks is a major challenge. Moreover, the requirements for maritime decarbonisation means that shipping as such is electrified. We study needs and opportunities.

[1] RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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