ExpanCore ® NC is unique as a non-combustible and thermal management core material. It is ideal for combining with high performance, integrated coatings and prepregs to meet mechanical and fire standards in demanding environments.

  • FORMAT: According to projects.
  • SURFACE WEIGHT: 2.5 kg/m2
  • THICKNESS: 8 mm for prepreg (nominal), 3-6 mm for molded product.
  • Robust in terms of durability.

ExpanCore ® NC can be formed in different 3D shapes and fits perfectly in combination with:

  • Metal foils for surface covering.
  • Metal sheet for sandwich structure.
  • HPL for decorative and wear resistance.
  • Veneer for decorative.
  • FRP for sandwich structure.
  • Plastic foil/mat for decorative and wear resistance.
  • Textile for decorative and sound absorbtion.
  • Fibre mats for engineered panel function.
  • Polymer coatings.

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